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dizys commented on Dec 7, 2018 •edited. It seems in 3.2.1 deprecated is added to window.location.reload (boolean) in lib.dom.d.ts. I couldn't find anything related in the What's new doc or the release note As of typescript 3.2.1, window.location.reload(forcedReload: boolean) is deprecated, while the parameterless version is not. When linting the code, a direct call to reload() is ok. However, just accessing the function (as is, e.g., done in unit tests) triggers the deprecation warning. Expected behavio The reload () method does the same as the reload button in your browser. Different ways to reload/refresh page in javascript, Refreshing page with window.location.href. window.location.href method returns/​loads the current url. So we can use it to reload/refresh the The window.location.reload () method is used to reload the current document JavaScript Location.reload() method provides means to reload the page at current URL. The syntax is the following: object.reload(forcedReload);, where forceReload is an optional parameter. To simply reload the page, you can input window.location as object. Optional parameters force reload is a boolean value, which if se onClick=window.location.reload(true) window.location.reload(true) has been deprecated. You can use: window.location.href = window.location.hre


The Location.reload() method reloads the current URL, like the Refresh button. The reload may be blocked and a SECURITY_ERROR DOMException thrown. This happens if the origin of the script calling location.reload() differs from the origin of the page that owns the Location object The most common way to refresh webpages using JavaScript is to use the reload method. The location variable holds the current document location loaded on the window. So, calling the location () method will reload the page the same way the refresh button on the browser does. You just need to call location.reload () from within your script code It seems in 3.2.1 deprecated is added to window.location.reload (boolean) in lib.dom.d.ts. I couldn't find anything related in the What's new doc or the release note. Could I please know why it is deprecated and what is the alternative way to do it? /** @deprecated */ reload (forcedReload: boolean): void You can use: window.location.href = window.location.href, to force-reload and clear the cache Window.location.reload(true) deprecated. It is only the reload with forcedReload which is deprecated. In your case changing location.reload (true) to location.reload will resolve your issue. Show activity on this post. Since the forceReload parameter is deprecated, as 3 people already mentioned, it is. The window.location.reload () method is used to reload the current document. It acts same as the reload button in our browser. window.location.reload () is supposed to accept the argument that tells to do hard reload from the server by setting the forceGet parameter to true i.e. ignoring the cache

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window.devToolsExtension is being deprecated in favour of window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__ and window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION_COMPOSE__.See the README on how to use them and the post about why we added the second function.. Also there's redux-devtools-extension npm package to make things easier.. Now we don't have the order's and noop functions' confusion, also the shared window. Im changing the background image of an application which should change in clients browsers too.But the updated image is displayed as the image loading from cache.I want to load it from web server.When i do cntrl+5 page is loading from server.If anyone knows the solution please help me out This optional Legacy Context argument is deprecated, so the overload is correctly marked as deprecated. However, because the deprecated argument is itself optional, even perfectly acceptable `super(props)` calls in plain JS are flagged as deprecated. SOLUTION: Modify the first overload so that it accepts props simply of P. The context argument of the second overload should no longer be marked as optional. After testing in VS Code, this resolves the incorrect behavior, while preserving the.

I think it should be noted the window.location.reload(true) There's just one problem: location.reload(true) is deprecated! Calling location.reload() is still in the spec, but passing true to force the browser to get the page again and bypass the cache is deprecated. And because it's deprecated, some browsers are starting to ignore it. As a result, we are seeing an infinite loop where our. Developers should avoid using this event. Especially on mobile, the unload event is not reliably fired. For example, the unload event is not fired at all in the following scenario:. A mobile user visits your page. The user then switches to a different app

Reactive Location API Library for Android. This library is now deprecated and not maintained anymore. Please switch to the CoLocation library. This library wraps the Location APIs in RxJava 2 Observables, Singles, Maybes and Completables. No more managing GoogleApiClients! Also, the resolution of the location settings check is optionally. BrowserWindow.removeDevToolsExtension(name) Deprecated. name String; Remove a DevTools extension by name. Note: This API cannot be called before the ready event of the app module is emitted. Note: This method is deprecated. Instead, use ses.removeExtension(extension_id). BrowserWindow.getDevToolsExtensions() Deprecated Note: The example above works in situations where window.location.hash does not need to be retained.However, in Gecko-based browsers, setting window.location.pathname in this manner will erase any information in window.location.hash, whereas in WebKit (and possibly other browsers), setting the pathname will not alter the the hash.If you need to change pathname but keep the hash as is, use the. Meta refresh is a method of instructing a web browser to automatically refresh the current web page or frame after a given time interval, using an HTML meta element with the http-equiv parameter set to refresh and a content parameter giving the time interval in seconds. It is also possible to instruct the browser to fetch a different URL when the page is refreshed, by including the.

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  1. The HTML Standard used to define unit of related browsing contexts and unit of related similar-origin browsing contexts.These have been removed as they were not adequate. 7.1.5 Browsing context names. Browsing contexts can have a browsing context name.Unless stated otherwise, it is the empty string
  2. Definition and Usage. The <menuitem> tag is deprecated in HTML5. The <menuitem> tag defines a command/menu item that the user can invoke from a popup menu
  3. window.showModalDialog feature is deprecated and has been removed from the Web standards. Though some browsers may still support it, it is in the process of being dropped. Do not use it in old or new projects. Pages or Web apps using it may break at any time. If we are using window.showModelDialog to work in Chrome, use the script
  4. The location of the document loaded on the window is found in the location variable. By invoking the location.reload(), you will perform the same kind of reload a regular browser refresh executes. location.reload() Syntax. This is how you can call the refresh page JavaScript method from within your code (to reload from server): location.reload.

Deprecated Microsoft-Windows-Geolocation-WLPAdm.admx for the new filename LocationProviderAdm.admx: When you upgrade from Windows 10 RTM to Windows 10 version 1511, the new LocationProviderAdm.admx file is copied to the folder while keeping the old Microsoft-Windows-Geolocation-WLPAdm.admx file. So, there are two ADMX files that address the same policy namespace. This generating an error. Se // We recommend reloading the page unless you have good reason not to. window. location. reload ();}); # connect interface ConnectInfo { chainId : string ; } ethereum . on ( 'connect' , handler : ( connectInfo : ConnectInfo ) => void )

location.reload(true) is deprecate

  1. If I enter in window, the window is steel not refreshed until I again switch to the full screen and back. I do not have any devices problem, if I run Ubuntu from USB on this Lenovo machine then Skype run correct on (Gnome window manager), but on Slcakware and DWM I have all time refresh window problem inside Skype
  2. Reactive Location API Library for Android. This library is now deprecated and not maintained anymore. Please switch to the CoLocation library. This library wraps the Location APIs in RxJava 2 Observables, Singles, Maybes and Completables. No more managing GoogleApiClients! Also, the resolution of the location settings check is optionally handled by the lib
  3. importlib.reload (module) Deprecated since version 3.4: The recommended API for loading a module is exec_module() (and create_module()). Loaders should implement it instead of load_module(). The import machinery takes care of all the other responsibilities of load_module() when exec_module() is implemented. module_repr (module) ¶ A legacy method which when implemented calculates and.
  4. ister listener s.You can use its commands to perform basic management functions on one or more listeners.Additionally, you can view and change parameter settings. The basic syntax of Listener Control utility commands is as follows
  5. Managing Trusted Root Certificates in Windows 10. How to see the list of root certificates of a Windows computer? To open the root certificate store of a computer running Windows 10/8.1/7/Windows Server, start the mmc.exe console; Select File -> Add/Remove Snap-in, select Certificates (certmgr) in the list of snap-ins -> Add
  6. const log = document. querySelector ('.event-log-contents'); const reload = document. querySelector ('#reload'); reload. addEventListener ('click', => {log. textContent = ''; window. setTimeout (() => {window. location. reload (true);}, 200);}); window. addEventListener ('load', (event) => {log. textContent = log. textContent + 'load\n';}); document. addEventListener ('readystatechange', (event) => {log. textContent = log. textContent + ` readystate: ${document. readyState} \n `;}); document.
  7. The new window will be created and will be brought on top of any other window. */ else { if(WindowObjectReference.focus) { WindowObjectReference.focus(); }; }; /* explanation: else the window reference must exist and the window is not closed; therefore, we can bring it back on top of any other window (and giving it system focus) with the focus() function. There would be no need to re-create the window or to reload the referenced resource. But first, we need to test, to verify the support of.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 application for Windows is deprecated. Effective April 2021, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Windows that lets you run customer engagement apps (such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Marketing) has been deprecated. Microsoft continues to provide security and other critical updates for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Windows. When calling location.reload(), other browsers will redirect to the iframe reload, but edge reload to the same page: Browser: IE Edge Url: http://www.alpha.pogo.com/games/bingo_h5#game Description: 1.Load http://www.alpha.pogo.com/games/bingo_h5#game 2.Open a new tab and load http://www.alpha.pogo.com/games/bingo_h5#gam Wenn die Seite durch ein Refresh ein weiteres Mal geladen wird, sind die Bilder noch im Cache des Browsers und sofort verfügbar. onload vs async / defer. Wenn Scripte asynchron geladen werden, verzögern sie das onload-Ereignis. Häufig laden asynchron geladene Scripte weitere Scripte - das passiert z.B. bei den Buttons der Social Media wie Facebook Like, Google+ und Twitter - »Teilen und Folgen« - und natürlich auch beim Laden von Werbung

The location.reload method reloads the current document, just like the user pressed F5 or the browser reload button. The default setting reloads the page from browser cache, if it is available. You can force the method to bypass local cache and retrieve the document from the network by passing true to the method Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. BadDaemon / tracker_dialogs. Created Jun 15, 201

On Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 , and Windows Server 2008 R2 computers, if the value is set to 0, the Windows Time service automatically changes it to 1. HoldPeriod: All versions: Controls the period of time for which spike detection is disabled in order to bring the local clock into synchronization quickly. A spike is a time sample indicating that time is off a number of seconds, and is usually received after good time samples have been. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 19. Januar 2021 um 14:12 Uhr geändert. Unterstützt durch. Die Inhalte des SELFHTML-Wikis unterliegen der CC-BY-SA 3.0 (de). Nähere. The PCOMMIT instruction has been deprecated. Although it was documented earlier, Intel has dropped it from consideration for future products. This blog post explains the details behind that decision. Enabling Persistent Memory Programming In preparation for the emerging persistent memory technologies, like Intel DIMMs based on 3D XPoint™ technology, Intel has defined several new instructions. Temporarily change the location of the global-packages folder before the restore operation, using one of the following methods: Set the NUGET_PACKAGES environment variable to a different folder. Create a NuGet.Config file that sets globalPackagesFolder (if using PackageReference) or repositoryPath (if using packages.config) to a different folder A browsing context's active window is its WindowProxy object's internal slot value. A browsing context's active document is its active window's associated Document. In general, there is a 1-to-1 mapping from the Window object to the Document object, as long as the Document object has a non-null browsing context. There is one exception

1 In File Explorer (Win+E), create a new folder named ResetRecoveryImage at a location (ex: F: ) where you want to keep the recovery image stored at. (see screenshot below) It would be recommended to create the ResetRecoveryImage on a hard drive other than the one Windows is installed on to help protect you in case the Windows hard drive should fail. 2 If you have not already, download a 32. function connectionInfo() { if (window.PerformanceNavigationTiming) { const ntEntry = performance.getEntriesByType('navigation')[0]; return ntEntry.nextHopProtocol; } } Removal plan. The chrome.loadTimes() API will be deprecated in Chrome 64 and is targeted to be removed in late 2018. Developers should migrate their code as soon as possible to avoid any loss in data Description: Specifies the length of time without user input after which the screen is turned off when running on battery power. When this policy is set to a value greater than zero, it specifies the length of time that the user must remain idle before Google Chrome OS turns off the screen Variable settings in terminal windows last as long as the window is open. Variable settings in shell scripts persist across sessions. Windows: In a terminal window, type the following: set HTTP_PROXY=myserver:1981. Alternately, add it to a shell script through the Windows UI. Check the documentation for your version of Windows to learn how In the Internet Settings Group Policy Preferences dialog box, click the Security tab, and update your security settings, based on zone. -OR-. On the Security and Privacy Settings page of IEAK 11, choose your Security Zones and Privacy setting, changing it, as necessary. Content ratings

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This event can be watched in jQuery using $( window ).on( load, handler ). As of jQuery 3.0, only the first syntax is recommended; the other syntaxes still work but are deprecated. This is because the selection has no bearing on the behavior of the .ready() method, which is inefficient and can lead to incorrect assumptions about the method's behavior. For example, the third syntax works. A context menu with different <menuitem> elements: <menu type=context id=mymenu>. <menuitem label=Refresh onclick=window.location.reload (); icon=ico_reload.png>. </menuitem>. <menu label=Share on...>. <menuitem label=Twitter icon=ico_twitter.png. onclick=window.open ('//twitter.com/intent/tweet?text='+window.location.href);> The onload event occurs when an object has been loaded. onload is most often used within the <body> element to execute a script once a web page has completely loaded all content (including images, script files, CSS files, etc.). The onload event can be used to check the visitor's browser type and browser version, and load the proper version of the.

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With onbeforeunload event am detecting browser close and navigating to other page and i want to differentiate the browser close event and refresh button click event, if it comes from refresh button click i dont want to close browser and navigate to other page else i want to navigate to other page. How to achieve this plz help me Windows registry location for Google Chrome OS clients: Software\Policies\Google\ChromeOS\DefaultImagesSetting Mac/Linux preference name: DefaultImagesSetting Supported on: Google Chrome (Linux, Mac, Windows) since version 10; Google Chrome OS (Google Chrome OS) since version 11; Supported features: Dynamic Policy Refresh: Yes, Per Profile: Yes.

Emitted when the window starts to reload, normally you cannot catch this event because usually it's emitted before you actually setup the callback. The only situation that you can catch this event is when you refresh the window and listen to this event in another window. Event: loaded. Emitted when the window is fully loaded, this event behaves the same with window.onload, but doesn't rely. Use of literals.conf has been deprecated. Use messages.conf to modify notifications that display in Splunk Web. Version 7.2.2 The static/app-packages endpoint This endpoint has been deprecated and might be removed entirely in a future release. Version 6.6.x. Element-level refresh interva imp.find_module (name [, path]) ¶ Try to find the module name.If path is omitted or None, the list of directory names given by sys.path is searched, but first a few special places are searched: the function tries to find a built-in module with the given name (C_BUILTIN), then a frozen module (PY_FROZEN), and on some systems some other places are looked in as well (on Windows, it looks in the.

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As of jQuery 3.0, .bind() has been deprecated. It was superseded by the .on() method for attaching event handlers to a document since jQuery 1.7, so its use was already discouraged. For earlier versions, the .bind() method is used for attaching an event handler directly to elements. Handlers are attached to the currently selected elements in the jQuery object, so those elements must exist at. The JavaScript setInterval() method calls a function or executes a code repeatedly at specified time intervals. Here in this post, I'll show you a simple example on how to refresh or reload a web page every 10 Seconds using the JavaScript setInterval() method Loading DocCommentXchange.. Java applets were small applications written in the Java programming language, or another programming language that compiles to Java bytecode, and delivered to users in the form of Java bytecode.The user launched the Java applet from a web page, and the applet was then executed within a Java virtual machine (JVM) in a process separate from the web browser itself Refresh and improve translations; Install appstream data file in preferred location; Refresh appstream data file contents; Display VM title when listing VMs, if available; Display VM description as tooltop, if available ; Sort VM names when listing; Enable ASLR and NX for Windows builds; Add -shared arg to request a shared session for VNC; Disable all accels when not grabbed in kiosk mode.

General format. The header fields are transmitted after the request line (in case of a request HTTP message) or the response line (in case of a response HTTP message), which is the first line of a message This method is a shortcut for .on( scroll, handler ) in the first and second variations, and .trigger( scroll ) in the third.. The scroll event is sent to an element when the user scrolls to a different place in the element. It applies to window objects, but also to scrollable frames and elements with the overflow CSS property set to scroll (or auto when the element's explicit height or.

It has a similar functionality to the deprecated netstat utility. Common usage includes: Display all TCP Sockets with service names: $ ss -at Display all TCP Sockets with port numbers: $ ss -atn Display all UDP Sockets: $ ss -au For more information see ss(8). Troubleshooting The TCP window scaling problem. TCP packets contain a window value in their headers indicating how much data the. Windows Explorer. Windows Briefcase no longer allows synchronizing items across multiple computers and a removable media device.; Windows Briefcase cannot sync files or folders in locations protected by User Account Control.This removes the ability to sync many locations. Grouping items by name in Explorer no longer groups them under each individual letter of the alphabet (A, B, C.. Deprecated Features That No Longer Work After Upgrading to Windows 10. There are a few features which were present in previous Windows versions but have been deprecated in Windows 10. Following list will tell you about the features which will no longer be available after you upgrade to Windows 10: Windows Media Center As a result, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP do not wait for the network to be fully initialized at startup and sign-in. Existing users are logged on by using cached credentials. This results in shorter logon times. Group Policy is applied in the background after the network becomes available. Be aware that, because this is a background refresh, extensions such as Software. Location Description Default ['Recentchanges'] Indicator icon window.ajaxIndicator: Progress indicator Refresh time window.ajaxRefresh: Interval in which the page is automatically refreshed 60000 (60 seconds) Display text window.AjaxRCRefreshText Deprecated; please override the message ajaxrc-refresh-text instead Text displayed beside the checkbox on the page Auto-refresh Hover text.

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Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn more RHEL 8 Deprecated Network Scripts. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 5 months ago. Active 11 months ago. Viewed 15k times 10. 3. I was reading about RHEL 8, and this statement is made: Network scripts are deprecated in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and they are no longer provided by default. The basic. Hit refresh workflow; Powerful console & build tools; Type safety; Built in testing tools; IDE support for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA; Play instances usage. Scale predictably. Underneath the covers Play uses a fully asynchronous model built on top of Akka. Combined with being stateless, Play scales simply and predictably. Stateless Web Tier; Non-blocking I/O; Built on Akka; Real-time enabled. Korama's Sega PC Reloaded is an installer, launcher, and patcher for some of Sega's older PC games. It currently supports Sonic & Knuckles Collection, Sonic CD (1995), Sonic 3D Blast, and Ecco the Dolphin (deprecated). It also fixes issues and/or broken functions of these games and allows them to run on Windows Vista and later along with some. (deprecated) string. This item is deprecated! [Output only] The name of the Google Compute Engine zone in which the cluster resides. This field is deprecated, use location instead. endpoint: string [Output only] The IP address of this cluster's master endpoint. The endpoint can be accessed from the internet at https://username:password@endpoint/ Windows XP File Locations. Where do you find these files? You can always start by using your operating system's Search or Find command to locate the particular file types. You may need to use Tools | Folder Options | View in Windows Explorer and select Show hidden files and folders. When using Windows 2000/XP, Outlook stores *ost, *.oab, and extend.dat in C:\Documents and Settings\ \Local.

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Windows x86 Online: jre-7<version>-windows-i586-iftw.exe (where JAVA_HOME is the location where you installed the public JRE) to register the JRE. See Private Versus Public JRE for more information about the public JRE. Installers for JRE 7u6 and later install the JavaFX runtime and integrate it into the JRE installation directory. Installers for JRE 7u2 to 7u5 install the JRE first, then. When restoring the main window position at startup, detect if the title bar would become hidden behind taskbars or global menu bars and reposition it appropriately ; SFTP: Fixed preserving of timestamps on downloads; (2021-01-08) Bugfixes and minor changes: FTP: Fixed crash if downloading ASCII files with stray carriage returns; Fixed too strict requirements for preallocation *nix.

Different ways to reload/refresh page in javascript

Includes file locations in Vista and Windows 7. Outlook 2010's backup information is at Exchange Server, you may have an offline folders (.ost) file. You shouldn't need to back it up, since you can always refresh it by synchronizing with the server. However, be sure you understand the procedure for Recovering data from offline folders. If something ever goes wrong with your Exchange Server. -c, --config-file. Load configuration from a file. If not given, the default values as described in mosquitto.conf (5) are used.-d, --daemon. Run mosquitto in the background as a daemon. All other behaviour remains the same.-p, --port. Listen on the port specified instead of the default 1883

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Visual Studio Code variable substitution reference. Variables Reference. Visual Studio Code supports variable substitution in Debugging and Task configuration files as well as some select settings. Variable substitution is supported inside some key and value strings in launch.json and tasks.json files using ${variableName} syntax.. Predefined variable Whether to reload the page on change, using live-reload. boolean: true--open: Opens the url in default browser. Aliases:-o. boolean: false--optimization : Deprecated: Use the optimization option in the browser builder instead. Enables optimization of the build output. Including minification of scripts and styles, tree-shaking, dead-code elimination, tree-shaking and fonts inlining. For more. [Deprecated] 2nd Amendment, FTW! Own all weapons [Deprecated] Acquitted: Escape the Police after reaching the maximum Wanted Level [Deprecated] Aerophagia: Travel 50,000 m in Air Time [Deprecated] All Alone: Complete Chapter 2 [Deprecated] Altruism: Send a Gift to a Friend [Deprecated] Another Man's Trash : Acquire an item in the Pawn Shop [Deprecated] Beatdown: Kill 10,000 people with punches. Microsoft acquires Kinvolk to accelerate container-optimized innovation. Thursday, April 29, 2021. The ability to run Kubernetes anywhere, whether in the cloud or on-premises, has been a high priority for Azure customers looking to rapidly innovate, with increasing customer focus on the benefits of container-optimized workloads and operating systems, lean application modernization, easier. var qsProxy = {}; function FrameBuilder(formId,appendTo,initialHeight,iframeCode,title,embedStyleJSON){this.formId=formId;this.initialHeight=initialHeight;this.


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A deprecated program element is one that programmers are discouraged from using, typically because it is dangerous, or because a better alternative exists. Compilers and analyzers (like LINT) warn when a deprecated program element is used or overridden in non-deprecated code. A deprecated API is usually identified in Android Studio using a. Location of fire stations throughout Edmonton. Also, data set identifies whether there is an emergency medical response unit associated with the fire station Override refresh rate set by game Download 3Dmigoto. Copy the files in the x32 folder to <path-to-game>\bin32\ if you run 32-bit version of the game. For 64-bit version, copy files in the x64 folder to <path-to-game>\bin64\. Open d3dx.ini. Change ;refresh_rate=60 to the desired value, and remove the semicolon (e.g. refresh_rate=144) The location of pipe segments in the City of Edmonton. A pipe segment is a length of pipe that is between a single-point drainage facility

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md-sync-disabled zmdi-refresh-sync-disabled (or zmdi-refresh-sync-off since 2.1.0) md-sync-problem zmdi-refresh-sync-problem (or zmdi-refresh-sync-alert since 2.1.0) md-system-update zmdi-smartphone-download. md-time-to-leave zmdi-directions-car. md-voice-chat zmdi-comment-video. md-vpn-lock zmdi-globe-lock. md-domain zmdi-city-alt. md-location. Refresh the timeline by zooming in or zooming out. Save and open the session. If you are trying to create Microsoft Visual Studio projects on Windows systems with multiple versions of CUDA installed (for example, CUDA 8 and CUDA 9), switching between CUDA runtimes by selecting File > New > Project > Templates > NVIDIA may result in a failure to create the project. To work around this issue.

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Note that, on Windows, due to a bug in the php_ldap extension for php 5.3.2, the location of the ldap.conf may change. In this case, PHP expects the ldap.conf file to be in the root filesystem where the Webserver Document root is installed (for instance C:\ldap.conf). This seems to be fixed in PHP 5.3.3RC1 See the following bug reference Instead, the page just asks the user to close the window. This option is deprecated for OAuth 2.0 to Google. It was designed for embedded browsers, or web-views. The custom URI scheme and loopback IP address options now provide more reliable, secure, and user-friendly ways to obtain user authorization. See programmatic extraction details. Recommended usage: Platforms that would use the manual. Samba is an Open Source / Free Software suite that has, since 1992, provided file and print services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems authentication_windows_log_level: Windows authentication plugin logging level. Added in MySQL 5.7.9. authentication_windows_use_principal_name: Whether to use Windows authentication plugin principal name. Added in MySQL 5.7.9. auto_generate_certs: Whether to autogenerate SSL key and certificate files. Added in MySQL 5.7.5. avoid_temporal_upgrade: Whether ALTER TABLE should upgrade pre-5.6.4.

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